Aldec Customer Use Cases


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The User:

A fabless semiconductor company requiring:

  • Fast verification of 20+MG designs in bit level acceleration and SCE-MI transaction level emulation flow with extensive debugging functions
  • Virtual Platform integration in acceleration mode – bit level interface
  • Fast back-door access to the memories (different types of DDR and LPDDR)
  • Access to debug signals from Testbench and debug API
  • Support for designs based on different ARM Cortex processors including big.LITTLE (Cortex A15 and A7) interconnected by AXI bus


How Aldec Delivered:

  • Design Verification Manager (DVM) with SCE-MI setup and runtime interface to support transaction based emulation
  • DVM with acceleration setup and SystemC testbench support to support bit level verification
  • SystemC wrapper allows to connect to Virtual Platform
  • SystemC wrapper provides access to debug signals in the testbench
  • AXI Master and Slave SCE-MI Macro-Based Xtors
  • HES5XLX660EX and HES7XV4000BP boards
  • HesDebugApi for fast back-door memory access and signals debugging
  • Support for LPDDR2, DDR2, DDR3 and SRAM memory models

- The Final Result -

The verification process was performed using HES technology (DVM, Xtors and HES boards) in acceleration and SCE-MI emulation with all required debugging features, memory support and Virtual Platform integration.

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