FMC-ADAS Automotive Daughter Card

FMC-ADAS daughter card was designed to enable prototyping and evaluation of Automotive and Advanced Driver Assistance System designs with TySOM and HES main boards. It extends the base functionality of a given FPGA board by providing interfaces and peripherals for HSD cameras, RADAR, LIDAR and ultrasonic sensors that are the base of ADAS applications. For example 360° car vision or rear view camera applications and supporting algorithms can be evaluated with HSD cameras attached directly to the FPD-Link III Deserializer (Texas Instruments DS90UB914Q-Q1) on FMC-ADAS card. The daughter card uses a standard FMC-HPC connector for both signal I/O and power supply. It contains voltage regulator to support 5V devices and contains all required voltage level shifters to enable connection with FPGA I/O working at 1.8V.


FMC-ADAS Automotive Daughter Card

Components & Interfaces

  • 5x FPD-Link III deserializer (DS90UB914Q-Q1) terminated with HSD camera connectors
  • URM37 V4 module support with RS-232 transceiver (MAX3218) and 12-bit ADC (AD7998) for analog signal
  • LIDAR-Lite V2 module interface with 5V voltage level shifters
  • Buzzer
  • 2x LVDS clock oscillators: 100 MHz, 200 MHz
  • I2C interface with EEPROM for FMC configuration data
  • 12x Status LEDs


  • Main board connector:
    • FPGA Mezzanine Card connector compliant with ANSI/VITA 57.1 FMC Standard
  • Peripherals connectors
    • 5x HSD camera connectors
    • Connector for ultrasonic sensor URM37 V4
      • standard goldpin 1x9, 2.54 mm pitch
    • Connector for PulsedLight LIDAR-Lite_V2
      • standard goldpin 1x6, 2.54 mm pitch, 5V level shifters
    • I2C connector
      • standard goldpin 2x5, 2.54 mm pitch

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