Documentation HTML/PDF

A built-in documentation tool inside Active-HDL allows you to create a textual and graphical representation of your workspace or design in HTML or PDF. All design elements such as design files, waveforms, block diagrams and attached documents can be exported to HTML or PDF documents.

html documentation pdf

Benefits of using Documentation:

  • It is extremely helpful for the processes such as design reviews, reuse and archiving
  • The resulting documents always preserve the hierarchy of the design which provides easy navigation in complex designs
  • Vector graphics images capability maintains the high resolution of schematic files in the generated document which makes it easy to read or print
  • HTML format is supported in any web browser and this way, designs/workspaces and their documentation, may be shared among users who would like to analyze them without accessing Active-HDL
  • HTML projects may be published in a local intranet network or Internet

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