Project Management

FPGA Project Management

A typical FPGA design flow includes the design entry phase, synthesis, and implementation (fitting and Place & Route processing), each stage typically followed by simulation. Managing the project throughout the design flow along with the design data is becoming very important. The Design Flow Manager is the tool that is designed to automate these processes. It interfaces with the third party tools and provides FPGA designers a unique platform that can be used throughout the FPGA design flow.

Flow Manager

Benefits of using FPGA Project Management:

  • It encloses the entire FPGA design flow from design entry to place and route which means that you don’t have to learn different vendor tools during different phase of FPGA design
  • It interfaces with 90+ vendor tools which allows you to configure your flow in many different ways
  • It collaborates with the version/revision control system to provide data and version management for your project
  • Built-in Server Farm allows designers to manage the queue for their simulation, synthesis, and implementation tasks

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