Using NC-Verilog® Verilog-XL® scripts in Riviera-PRO

Aldec provides an automatic script translator to convert Cadence’s Incisive simulation scripts to Aldec’s Riviera-PRO format. Currently, the translator supports the primary commands: ncvlog, ncelab and ncsim with basic switches.

The Initial Setup

In order to configure Riviera-PRO for the conversion process, copy the ncsim_translator folder to the Riviera_install_dir/scripts/aldec folder. The ncsim_translator folder can be downloaded here:

Using the Script Translator

  1. In Riviera-PRO, point to the location of the design with the Incisive script.

  2. Create a script and copy the template below. The is the incisive script that you want to convert, and the is the output script that will be created by Riviera-PRO.

    package require ::Aldec::NCsimConverter 1.0
    ::Aldec::NCsimConverter::convert <input_> <>
  3. Upon execution of the script, the will be created. Successful execution of should give the following message in the console:

    package require ::Aldec::NCsimConverter 1.0
    # 1.0 
    # Processing...
    # Script converted succesfully.

    NOTE: If you receive the following error, make sure the ncsim_translator directory has been copied to the correct Riviera-PRO installation directory

    package require ::Aldec::NCsimConverter 1.0
    # SCRIPTER: Error: C:/ : (1, 1): can't find package ::Aldec::NCsimConverter 1.0
    # SCRIPTER: Error: C:/ : (1, 1): Script execution terminated due to error(s).
  4. Run in the Riviera-PRO GUI console or batch mode simulator VSimSA.

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