How do I apply the new license file of Active-HDL to my existing node-lock license?


By default, the ALDEC_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is set to the DAT subfolder within the Active-HDL installation.

  1. Copy the new license file for Active-HDL to the DAT subfolder in the Active-HDL installation.

  2. Once the .dat file has been saved, start the Diagnose.exe program located in the BIN subfolder of your AHDL installation (C:\Program Files\Aldec\Active-HDL\Diagnose.exe)

  3. This program will verify the available license and setup the ALDEC_LICENSE_FILE environment variable.

  4. From the Diagnose executable, indicate that you will be updating a node or floating license

  5. Point to the .dat file saved in the first step

  6. Indicate whether to use the license file of user server name (for floating)

  7. Click on Finish to update and verify your license file.

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