A Winning HDL Design Strategy

Installing Vivado libraries in your Active-HDL™ design

Vince Ibanez, Aldec Corporate Applications Engineer
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In a basketball game, a winning strategy is not only to have a good team, but to have a good game plan as well. In HDL terms, a good design is just as important as the libraries that it uses. If you don’t have the right libraries for a design, it will not have the correct functionality - and will not work.


It’s like sending your offensive guys off to play defense and vice-versa.


Not only is it important to have the right libraries, but it is also important to have the correct version as well. For instance, if you are using Xilinx Vivado IP in your design, the Vivado libraries must match the version you used to create the IP.


There are two ways to install Vivado Libraries in Active-HDL™. The first option is straight forward. You may simply download pre-compiled library installer from Active-HDL’s download page. The second option is what I would like to call the do-it-yourself method, which is nice to know in cases when the pre-compiled library installer is not available.


In this video we demonstrate how to compile Vivado simulation libraries.

Vince provides support for users of Aldec's Simulation and Verification tools as an Aldec Applications Engineer. He joined Aldec right after graduating from University of Las Vegas, Nevada with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering in 2014. His practical experience includes areas in Digital Design, Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems. He holds skills not only in Engineering but in Customer Service as well.

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