Embedded Computing Design: You needn't decide between prototype or emulation

Date: May 13, 2015
Type: In the News

by Zibi Zalewski


With today’s technologies, you can have both options, prototype and emulate.

As emulation methodologies become more popular and affordable for a variety of different-sized / projects, the question arises as to why emulation should be used in areas where high-speed prototyping is still the main technique performed. The first consideration is speed.


Those familiar with the subject know that prototyping can provide the fastest design verification. Of course, there’s a cost issue due to a longer design setup time and larger engineering effort. This is changing as setup tools are improving and becoming easier to use. However, getting to the highest speed still requires more time. Some companies even design their FPGA boards in-house per design spec to achieve the highest prototyping speed. This makes the process even longer, yet, combined with software partitioning tools, it certainly delivers the best speed results.


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Chip Design: CDC Verification: Using Both Static and Dynamic Checking is Key to Success

Date: May 13, 2015
Type: In the News

by Pavlo Leshtaiev


Clock domain crossing (CDC) verification has become a critical element for success in modern digital electronic designs.  Unlike “the old days” when relatively simple and slow digital designs could be run on a single synchronous clock, today’s complex, high-speed designs use multiple asynchronous clocks to drive separate high-frequency logic sections.  The CDC challenges come into play where these separate clock domains interface because any weaknesses in the crossing design can result in data errors, control problems or even overall system failure.


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