Embedded Development Kit

The TySOM™ Embedded Development Kit is for the embedded designers who need a high-performance RTL simulator/debugger for their embedded applications such as IoT, Automotive, Factory automation, UAV and Robotics. The kit includes Riviera-PRO™ Advanced Verification Platform and a TySOM development/prototyping board. TySOM boards come with either a Zynq 7000 chip (FPGA + Dual ARM® Cortex™-A9) or with a Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC device. These boards include memories, and various communication and multimedia interfaces in addition to FMC connectors for peripheral expansion. Reference designs for application such as IoT, ADAS, 4K UltraHD imaging and Robotics and a complete reference design, which contains the SW (Linux) and all the hardware blocks required to support the peripherals on the board, are provided.

embedded development kitembedded development kitembedded development kitWhat is included in the Kit:

Top Benefits:

High-Performance RTL Simulator for developing complex Zynq-based systems.  Riviera-PRO incorporates industry-leading simulation optimization algorithms to achieve the highest performance in mixed-language simulations for VHDL/Verilog. Having the HW/SW co-verification solution for Zynq device, Riviera-PRO enables Zynq users to verify the complex Zynq-based systems before any synthesis and prototyping. Moreover, it contains Dataflow, Post-Simulation Debug, Advanced Waveform Viewer, Plot/Image Viewer, Xtrace and Code Coverage.

TySOM Embedded Development/Prototyping Boards containing either Zynq 7000 or Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC cores for embedded designers developing complex systems with custom RTL and embedded applications. TySOM boards include Memories and various Communication and Multimedia interfaces. In addition to the mainboards, Aldec manufactures FMC daughter boards for various applications such as IoT, ADAS, Vision, Industrial, Networking, Data transferring and serial connectivity

Contains Xilinx® Vivado™ design, HLx edition 1-year License for XC7Z045 and XC7Z100 devices. Moreover, this package contains SDSoC Development Environment, 1-year device-locked license. Zynq-based hardware designs are created in Vivado and simulated in Riviera-PRO as the target simulator in Vivado.  Software applications created in SDK are executed on the TySOM board as bare-metal or Linux-based applications. Then, the entire Zynq design can be verified in Riviera-PRO using Aldec HW/SW co-verification solution. 

Prepared Reference Designs
Aldec provides various reference designs including, but not limited to ADAS, IIoT, Image Processing as well as the technical support on each board. Moreover, Aldec provides Linux based Operating Systems for TySOM Embedded Development boards. Following Bullets are some of the main categories that we provide the reference designs.

  • Automotive Driver Assistant System (including surrounding view, smart rear detection and driver drowsiness detection)
  • Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • Image and Video Processing applications


Supported Operating System

embedded development kit

A stock version of Ubuntu Desktop Operating System with additional packages from Linaro. It supports all standard interfaces such as: USB, HDMI, Ethernet, WiFi, Audio IN/OUT.
Filesystem Version: 20121124-560

embedded development kit

A Linaro version of Debian Linux System with support of standard interfaces: USB, HDMI, Ethernet, WiFi, Audio IN/OUT
Kernel version: 4.4
Filesystem Version: 20160329-17

embedded development kit

Linux OS build system: Yocto Project
Yocto project provides all necessary functions and scripts to build a custom Linux Operating system.

embedded development kit

Linux OS build system: Petalinux tools 
The Petalinux provides all necessary tools to build a custom operating system for Embedded solutions for board with Xilinx Zynq chips.
Kernel version: 4.9
Filesystem Version: 2017.2

embedded development kit

The VxWorks is an industry’s real-time operating system which provides a set of very important features such as: safety and security. 
VxWorks version: 7

embedded development kit

The most popular, free real-time operating system for embedded devices.

freeRTOS version: 8.2.3

embedded development kit

The OpenWrt is a GNU/Linux distribution for embedded devices such as wireless routers. It is built to be easily modifiable operating system for routers.
Kernel version: 4.4.14
OpenWrt version: 15.05.1

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