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35-years-old, and still on point

At this year’s Design Automation Conference, held on June 3, 4 and 5 in Las Vegas and about 10 miles away from our head office in Las Vegas, Nevada, we celebrated our 35th anniversary with a resounding reaffirmation of our raison d’etre: the provision of verification solutions for some of industry’s most pressing challenges....

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Register for Aldec Technical Sessions & Demos at DAC 2013
Advanced Verification, HW/SW Emulation, and more

This year’s Design Automation Conference (DAC) will be held in Austin, Texas.  If we survive the 70% humidity, our team looks forward to meeting you at Booth #2225 from June 3-5. Aldec HQ is located in Nevada just outside of Las Vegas… so we’re accustomed to more of a dry heat....

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ARM Cortex SoC Prototyping Platform
for Industrial Applications

Modern industrial systems are faced with many key design challenges including: system complexity, real-time performance requirements, evolving standards, and rising costs. ASIC prototyping platforms, such as Aldec HES-7™, provide a platform for designers to implement and verify functionality of...

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HES-7™ 7-Series FPGA Programming
Aldec's YouTube Featured Video

The 7-Series FPGA devices on Aldec's ASIC prototyping platform can be programmed using two different methods: using a standard Xilinx Platform Cable with Xilinx's impact programming tool or using a USB interface with Aldec's hes7proto application. This video provides step-by-step instruction...

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Building an Efficient Clock Network
For FPGA-Prototyping Boards

Developing an in-house prototyping board requires a large investment in time, knowledge, and resources.  Going down the “build-your-own” route does, however, provide advantages such as: the ability to add personalized interfaces, manufacture the board for different goals (speed, power, flexibility), and...

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Time-Saving, Hardware-assisted Verification
For ASIC/SoC Designs

Identifying effective processes for functional verification of ASIC and SoC designs is of increased significance for engineers due to growing design complexity and integration of embedded components such as CPUs, GPUs, and software device drivers. Overall test time for these systems can include millions...

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Increased Debug Capability with Hardware Emulation

Hardware emulators enable a rich environment for debugging complex SoC esigns by providing advantages from both software and hardware. Typically, in software simulation designers can set breakpoints, observe waveforms, and trace signals as they progress through a test bench, but are constrained by the...

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