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How to use TySOM boards in Xilinx Vivado   
This document will focus on using TySOM board in Xilinx Vivado tool which enables adding a custom hardware IP core to the project. This possibility demonstrates the power of Zynq chips and Aldec boards what is out of reach for standard processors. In case of using SDx, we have prepared another tutorial on how to use TySOM boards in Xilinx SDx.
TySOM-3A-ZU19EG, TySOM-3-ZU7EV, TySOM-2-7Z100, TySOM-2A-7Z030, TySOM-1-7Z030, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
IoT Demo Application Tutorial - TySOM-1-7Z030   
Internet usage has expanded to a new mode: device to device. This new mode is used in Internet of Things (IoT) applications and devices are called IoT gateways. The Aldec TySOM contains a Zynq-7000 SoC with ARM processor and a variety of interfaces to be utilized as an IoT gateway device. This document provides all necessary information about the Aldec IoT demo project with the TySOM-1-7Z030 board.
TySOM-1-7Z030, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
Library Management   
Learn how to manage Libraries in Riviera-PRO
Riviera-PRO Tutorials
MAC Address Assignment Using U-boot   
Zynq-7000 SoC does not include the mechanism to store a per-board unique network MAC address. Therefore, a duplicate MAC address can result in network conflicts when several boards are trying to use the same MAC. A U-boot application, which is a typical kernel bootloader for embedded Linux, can be used to assign and keep the unique MAC address using on-board QSPI flash memory.
TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
Preparing a Custom Linux Filesystem with Xilinx Petalinux Tools   
The Petalinux provides all necessary tools to build a custom operating system for Embedded solutions for the board with Xilinx Zynq chips.
TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
Programming the TySOM-1-7Z030 Board Using a MicroSD Card   
In this tutorial, you will learn how to run your hardware and software application on the TySOM-1-7Z030 board using a microSD card as the boot method. The microSD card is used when you want your application to be persistent despite any power cycling. In this situation, the board will boot from the microSD card.
TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
Riviera-PRO Matlab Interface   
Learn how to use MATLAB® Interface in Riviera-PRO
Riviera-PRO Tutorials
Riviera-PRO Simulink Interface   
Learn how to use Simulink® Interface in Riviera-PRO
Riviera-PRO Tutorials
Running “Hello_World” Application Using AWS IoT Greengrass Core on TySOM Embedded Development Board   
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use AWS IoT Greengrass Core with TySOM board and connect the board to the AWS cloud.
TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
Running simulation in the Batch mode   
Learn how to run Batch mode simulation in Riviera-PRO
Riviera-PRO Tutorials
Running simulation in the GUI mode   
Learn how to run GUI mode simulation in Riviera-PRO
Riviera-PRO Tutorials
Switching BlueEagle Camera Resolution   
Pre-configured SDSoC Board Support Packages (BSP) for Aldec TySOM series boards coupled with FMC-ADAS daughter cards enable x5 BlueEagle camera links with 1280x720 default image resolution. Some reference applications provided by Aldec may require special 960x540 image resolution which can be forced from Linux devicetree description. This document provides step-by-step instructions describing image resolution switch process.
TySOM Boards, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
SystemC Simulation   
Learn how to simulate SystemC in Riviera-PRO
Riviera-PRO Tutorials
TCL Scripting Interface   
Learn about scripting interface in Riviera-PRO
Riviera-PRO Tutorials
Thermal Vision Demo   
IR sensors are highly useful for contactless human body temperature measurements, which is one of the main safety precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Combining thermal sensor data with standard camera image and AI-based computer vision algorithms allows to automate and significantly improve the overall temperature screening process.
TySOM Boards, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
Transactional Verification of Safety Critical Designs   
This document describes a reference design with UVM testbench and Accellera SCE-MI infrastructure. The reference design shows how transaction level verification approach can be applied to safety critical designs to enable verification path with easy transition from simulation to physical verification with hardware in the loop.
DO-254/CTS Tutorials
TySOM-1-7Z030 Quick Start Guide   
How to prepare the TySOM-1-7Z030 including board programming and booting operating system.
TySOM-1-7Z030, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
TySOM-1-7Z030 Reference Design Part 1: Creating Hardware    
TySOM-1-7Z030, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
TySOM-1-7Z030 Reference Design Part 2: Embedded Linux Setup Guide   
Describes how to prepare a microSD card to use as a boot medium for running embedded Linux on a TySOM board, the two main options to set the root file system for an embedded Linux operating system, U-Boot as a second stage boot loader for an embedded Linux OS, etc.
TySOM-1-7Z030, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
TySOM-2-7Z045 Quick Start Guide    
How to prepare the TySOM-2-7Z045 including board programming and booting operating system.
TySOM-2-7Z100, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
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