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HES-DVM Proto CE (Cloud Edition) AMI 2.0.0   
This document provides essential information on configuring and launching Aldec AMI and instructions of using Aldec HES-DVM Proto CE and Board Compiler.
HES-DVM, HES-DVM Proto Cloud Edition Tutorials
HES-DVM Proto CE Product Overview   
HES-DVM Proto CE is the cloud edition of Aldec's emulation and prototyping platform HES-DVM. The cloud edition is a response to the increasing demand of high-quality partitioning tools used to prepare the design prototype on multi-FPGA platforms. The cloud edition of HES-DVM is limited to prototyping flow and supports up to four (4) partitions that can be mapped to 4 high end Xilinx FPGAs (Virtex UltraScale, UltraScale+ or Virtex-7).
HES-DVM, HES-DVM Proto Cloud Edition Tutorials
How to Automatically Partition an ASIC Design into Multiple FPGAs Using HES DVM    HES-DVM Proto Cloud Edition Demonstration Videos
How to Connect Partition's Logical Connections on Multi-FPGA Prototyping Board Using HES-DVM on AWS    HES-DVM Proto Cloud Edition Demonstration Videos
How to Prepare HES DVM Compatible Custom Board Files Using Board Compiler Tool    HES-DVM Proto Cloud Edition Demonstration Videos
How to Run User Guided Multi FPGA Partitioning Using Aldec's HES-DVM on the AWS Cloud    HES-DVM Proto Cloud Edition Demonstration Videos
How to Use HES-DVM on the AWS Cloud for Multi-FPGA Design Partitioning and Prototyping    HES-DVM Proto Cloud Edition Demonstration Videos
Partitioning Challenges in Multi-FPGA Prototyping   
Multi-FPGA prototyping of ASIC & SoC designs enables the highest clock rates among emulation techniques. However, design setup for prototyping is much more complicated and challenging. In this White Paper we uncover the common challenges of partitioning design to multiple FPGAs and provide solutions that will improve your prototype quality and shorten time spent on design setup.
HES-DVM, HES™ Boards, HES-DVM Proto Cloud Edition White Papers
Six Automated Steps to Design Partitioning for Multi-FPGA Prototyping Boards   
Presently, emulation and FPGA-based prototyping are essential verification and validation techniques for a SoC, ASIC designs and become irreplaceable in pre-silicon verification of Deep Learning Accelerator designs. Challenges of the multi-FPGA design setup like partitioning, multiplexing limited I/O interconnections and mapping multiple clock domains across multiple devices may cause significant delays in prototype bring-up and verification schedule. Design partitioning tool that can be used with either off-the-shelf or custom made FPGA boards will automate the most tedious tasks and so significantly reduce the risk. Aldec provides HES-DVM Proto toolbox with automatic design partitioning for multiple FPGAs including Xilinx Virtex UltraScale XCVU440. In this webinar we will demonstrate how to compile and partition an open source design of Deep Learning Accelerator into 6 FPGAs in 6 steps which are fully automated. Play webinar   
HES-DVM, Virtex UltraScale , HES-DVM Proto Cloud Edition Recorded Webinars
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