Working with IBM Rational ClearCase Version Control Tool


  1. How do I use Dynamic view in ClearCase?

  2. How to add design to ClearCase?

  3. What should I type in the ClearCase dialog box while adding design?


IBM Rational ClearCase uses database called VOB (Versioned Object Base), and additionally it creates "View" which can gather several VOBs. There are two kinds of views: Snapshot View and Dynamic View.

For Dynamic View, ClearCase uses server to store project sources and two shared locations which are mapped on developer's machine. One mapped drive is used to access VOB, while the other one allows accessing Dynamic View. Development is done on the mapped disk, just like working in-place in the repository.

Adding Designs

  1. Copy the designs you would like to have in VOB to the VOB folder on mapped disk (further examples assume that ClearCase has mapped disk Z).

  2. Open the design you want to add to ClearCase directly from VOB in other words from the mapped disk i.e. Z:\test_VOB\. For example sample design ipcore8051.adf can be opened from the location Z:\tester_VOB\ipcore8051\ipcore8051.adf.

  3. Under Add Design to Source Control option, leave Project auxpath blank. In Project path edit box type the path of the folder that contains *.adf file in VOB i.e. Z:\tester_VOB\IPCore8051\. In Project name edit box type the name of .adf file i.e. IPCore8051.

    After design is added it remains synchronized with ClearCase during subsequent sessions.


  1. Adding the design will fail if design is physically located out of VOB.

  2. Option "Open design from source control" will not work for ClearCase as VOB and working copy are in the same location. The design should be open directly from the VOB.

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